Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Those of you living within the Warwickshire area may have spotted a news item on Stallfinder on page 3 of this month's Business Focus included with the Courier. We are also appearing in several charity newsletters and bulletins and hope to receive more press coverage soon. If you would like to help promote Stallfinder by adding a link to our site or by using one of our news items or press releases please contact us at

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New Companies Working with Stallfinder

As well as our Launch Partners, we have been actively working to promote Stallfinder to a wider audience so that event organisers visiting our site will benefit from a broader choice of local stallholders in their area. Also, as new stallholders come on board, we hope they will add to our events database. In that way they can promote their event to a wider audience, increase its chances of success for both themselves and the organisers and share the success of the event with other stallholders on the site.

This week, we'd like to welcome representatives of Magic Fairy Wings and Particraft.

Magic Fairy Wings have a great range of baby products and children's toys available through their growing network of consultants nationwide. Thanks to Debbie and Alison at MFW - we really look forward to seeing more of their team on the site soon.

We only learned about Particraft in the last couple of weeks from one of our members who sells their arts and crafts products. We'll be uploading a new page dedicated to Particraft demonstators in the next few days and hope to have a fair few of their nationwide team join us.

If you represent a direct sales company that we haven't built a page for, or you know of one, please contact us. You'll find them all listed under Find Stallholders by Direct Sales Company. The more of these companies we know of, no matter how big or small, the better the service Stallfinder will be able to offer to event organisers and that means a more successful site for all our members.

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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Ideas & Suggestions

We welcome all ideas and suggestions which will help us to update and improve Stallfinder and make it as useful to you as possible. We've already had some good ideas and great feedback - please keep it coming!

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If you have any relevant news or articles of interest to the community here at Stallfinder, please contact us via and we may include them on the site.

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Charity Feature

We will be using this section of the website to promote individual charities, some less well-known than others. If you are involved with a charity who would like to be included in this section please contact Gail at

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We are now getting lots more events onto the site, which is fantastic news for everyone who uses Stallfinder. At the last count we had well over 250 with more being added daily. If you're an event organiser and you have a list of events you'd like to add, please get in touch as we can add multiple events to the diary much more easily than you can from the normal website interface. All we ask is that you add the first event yourself so you have an account which we can tie subsequent events to. This means that you can go in and edit any of the events through that account once we've added the rest of them for you. If you find there aren't many events in your county or nearby, please contact us and we'll make a big effort to try to attract more for you. REMEMBER! It's FREE to add as many events as you like. Please spread the word as some people can't believe we're doing this for free. We are, and we're going to keep it that way. We're particularly keen to see more events from Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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Share Your Stallfinder Experience

If you have placed a business listing with us, you will be contacted shortly before the end of your free listing period to invite you to come to the site to pay for your annual subscription if you want to remain listed. We hope that you agree that £10 a year represents excellent value for your listing. You may even have got some bookings or sales already from people who have seen you on Stallfinder. If so, we'd love to hear about it - please drop us a line to and share your experiences, good and bad, with us. Please remember to mention Stallfinder if you're contacting an event organiser or one of our stallholders.

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Payment System Testing Progress

We have almost completed testing out our payment pages for stallholder listings. We will be using WorldPay for processing our credit card transactions. WorldPay are a very large and highly reputable Internet Merchant solutions provider. You can find out more about them at WorldPay are pretty strict about ensuring we comply to their rules regarding Refund Policy, Contact Information and displaying of credit card logos. You'll see all this information clearly displayed when you go to the Add Your Listing page. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Find Events by Month Extended to 2 Years

We have now updated our Find Events by Month section to include events up to 2 years away. Some of our visitors who wanted to post events to Stallfinder organise them well over a year in advance so we wanted to be able to support them. This will also give our stallholders a very early look at some events and the chance to book in where competition for pitches and stalls is very hot.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Launch Partners

We now have a Launch Partners page where you can find out more about the companies who we're currently working with - Captain Tortue, Barefoot Books and Miglio. As a result of these companies actively promoting us to their representatives, many of them have now joined Stallfinder so welcome to you all.

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