Thursday, 15 May 2008


We are now getting lots more events onto the site, which is fantastic news for everyone who uses Stallfinder. At the last count we had well over 250 with more being added daily. If you're an event organiser and you have a list of events you'd like to add, please get in touch as we can add multiple events to the diary much more easily than you can from the normal website interface. All we ask is that you add the first event yourself so you have an account which we can tie subsequent events to. This means that you can go in and edit any of the events through that account once we've added the rest of them for you. If you find there aren't many events in your county or nearby, please contact us and we'll make a big effort to try to attract more for you. REMEMBER! It's FREE to add as many events as you like. Please spread the word as some people can't believe we're doing this for free. We are, and we're going to keep it that way. We're particularly keen to see more events from Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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