Thursday, 13 November 2008

New Premium Listings on

Need to give your business that extra boost in the run up to Christmas? Did you know that a Premium Listing service is available on

We have introduced the service at the request of some of our listees. If you have a Stallfinder listing, you can now pay for that listing to appear on the sidebar of the site's homepage.

Until 31st December, the cost for a Premium Listing is only £10 per month, or £25 for 3 months. We expect to limit the number of people in the Premium Listing area to a maximum of 10, so it's first come, first served if you want your advert to have pride of place on the site.

You will shortly be able to pay to give your Stallfinder listing Premium status via WorldPay, but if you'd like to guarantee a spot on in the Premium Listing area, please get in touch to and we can accept payment by cheque or direct bank transfer.

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