Sunday, 14 September 2008

Facebook and StumbleUpon

The biggest challenge any new website faces is trying to get lots of visitors to come to the site. Stallfinder has grown steadily every single month, in terms of visitors, page views, events and listings and we want to keep things moving in the right direction. The more people who come to the site, the more successful your businesses and events will become. To help achieve this, we're using as many of the networking sites as possible on the internet and we'd urge you to support this. Two ways you can do so are:

1. Facebook - Come and visit the Stallfinder Facebook page and become a fan

or come and join the Stallfinder Group

2. StumbleUpon - This is a really great way to find sites on the internet that you'll love but you never knew existed. Also, if you give the thumbs up to a site you like using StumbleUpon, lots of other Stumblers will get to know about that site. So please, Stumble Stallfinder!

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